Beyerdynamic RSX 700

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RSX 700

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No entangling wires to mess with – just pick 'em up and listen!

Experience the RSX 700 wireless headphone system. A new, digital wireless transmission technology allows for interference-free transmission for up to 20 metres without sacrificing audio quality. This system provides unparalleled performance, delivering powerful bass, well balanced mids and transparent highs. The small RSX 700 docking station easily connects to any hi-fi or TV system.

What specialists publications tell about RSX 700...

“The audio specialists from Heilbronn have succeeded in educating the RSX 700 right away from the annoying hiss and crackle which has always been the Achilles heel of analogue wireless headsets. Digital wireless transmission at 2.4 GHz delivers a sound spread of 85 decibels. That really is as good as it gets for a wireless system and means in practice an end to buzzing, whistling and squeaking – instead just pure sound with clean bass notes and crystal-clear trebles.“ (, 7.4.2007)

“Our result: A very good wireless headset system which is comfortable to wear and easy to install and use. Special praise: WITHOUT CONSULTING THE MANUAL this technology can go into operation. The frequency range on offer is designed for classical CDs and is therefore future-proof. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.”

(BTX & Internet-Magazin Mozart-Turm 07/2007)

“Sounds as good as only wired devices could until now.” (CE und Trade, 05/2007)

“The sound from these headsets is without doubt superior.“ (PCgo, 02/2007)

“The RSX 700 from beyerdynamic proves that a wireless headset can now hold its own against its wired colleagues.”

“Very good sound quality”

“Superlative” (DIGITAL TESTED, 03/2007)

• Enjoy your music with total freedom of movement – no cable

• Supremely comfortable to wear, soft ear pads and ultra-light weight

• Small docking station transmits audio signals within a range of 20 m

• Headphone features volume controls and power-on light indicator

• Trendy multicolour-design

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Technical Specifications
System 40 mm Mylar-700 High-Tech System
Transducer type dynamic
Operating principle closed
Frequency response 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz
Nominal THD < 1 %
Max. SPL 113 dB
Power supply 2 x NiMH-battery 1.2V
Operating time (battery) 5 h
Weight incl. battery 290 g
Wireless transmission digital
Operating distance up to 60 ft (20 m)
Signal-to-noise ratio 85 dB (A)
Switchable RF frequencies 8 switchable frequencies, 9 MHz
channel spacing 2.4 GHz
Connector 3.5 mm
Nominal voltage 230 V/ 50 Hz
Dimensions 210 x 170 x 70 mm

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