Lumene Paradise 170C

Pantalla de suelo 16:9 80''

Paradise 170C

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The Paradise is a portable screen ready in few seconds: Just pulling the fabric up, your screen is ready for use. Light weight and self-standing so it goes anywhere. The Paradise features a telescopic arm for raising and lowering the projection height. With a modern and uncluttered design, this screen has a high quality case made with slick aluminium finish.

Screen Material:
Ultra white screen material
Permanent white treatment
1.0 gain / 150° directivity. No hot spot
PVC material / Anti-static
Black back finish for perfect opaqueness / Black borders
Thick screen material: No corrugated effect after many uses

Black case with telescopic system
Aluminium alloy casting
Oversized spring for long time use
Fast and easy to install
Carrying handle

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