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SR 60i

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    * Membrana al aire
    * Cavidad antirresonante
    * Hilo de la bobina en cobre estándar
    * Cable de conexión en cobre estándar
    * Conector mini-jack con adaptador 1/4''

Tipo de transductor Dinámico
Principio de operación Abierto al aire
Respuesta de frecuencia 20 - 20.000 Hz
Sensibilidad 1 mV 98
Impedancia nominal 32 ohmios
Margen en emparejamiento de los transductores 0.1 dB

The SR60 has gained "LEGENDARY" status.
The SR60 has received rave reviews from around the world
and is the most commonly recommended headphone
on the market today.
The SR60 was awarded STEREOPHILE
in two categories,
"The Accessory of the Year"
and the prestigious
"Budget Component of Year".

"The most varied group to be voted on, there was very little spread in the balloting with one exception: Grado's remarkable SR60 headphones. Both Corey Grrenberg and Sam Tellig raved about the SR60s in print. Pretty much every other writer who tried them voted for them."
Stereophile / John Atkinson Vol.17, No.12

"Grado seemed like headphones from a bygone age, but they sure as heck dont sound like it. Our 1999 award winners are classy affairs, able to deliver the full frequency spectrum with devistating ease. Base weight is great and for imaging quality, detail, delicacy and shear enjoyable musicality, the Grados are sensational."
"BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK! The SR60 offers near-studio-grade sound for a fraction of competitor’s prices. In our test, these headphones unearthed previously unheard layers of sound, thanks to the low distortion and high accuracy typically available only in pricey phones you see cupping the ears of audio engineers."
- CARGO magazine
"Recently I purchased an MP3 player and after seeing reviews on your SR60s, I had to try a pair. Yikes!! I thought hi-fidelity was dead as a result of digital. But not so! Your excellent phones have re-kindled my love of music. Thank you! The only downside is I had to order pair of 325is!"
- Chris Neuman
They're made in Brooklyn, and they look as if they stepped out of a '60s music studio, with their black plastic backs and retro styling. But make no mistake; these are modern phones with the best sound of the phones we tested. Audio is lifelike and balanced, with a nice open quality to the highs and good bass. Great for iPods! For their price, they're an absolute steal.
- Mark McClusky, Mobile PC
The SR60 has won numerous product of the year honors from a variety of respected audiophile magazines and reviewers continually vote the SR60 at the top of what is a very lively pack of products. There has to be a reason for all this acclaim, and in the case of the SR60s, it's the sound, pure and simple.
- Leo Laporte, 2005 Gadget Guide
Headphones are a very personal choice, but the SR60s have amassed a cult following among iPod users for exceptional audio quality and comfortable design. The SR60s feature a vented diaphragm design with a non-resonant air chamber resulting in a deeper and cleaner bass than other phones.
- Marc Saltzman, Feature Magazine
I love my iPod but hate its wimpy, tinny earbuds. So I replaced them with a pair of Grado SR60s. They look like AV lab equipment circa 1981 yet cater to audio snobs, packing high-end quality into lightweight plastic ant foam. These can give vibrant fidelity, even at low volume.
- Stuart Luman, WIRED magazine
"The Budget Grados stand comparison with Audiophile headphones costing many times their prices.
Way Recommended!!!"
- Corey Greenberg - STEREOPHILE Vol.17, No.6
"Superb musical performance; free from the in-head lateralisation that plagues headphones."
HI-FI Chioce   
"The SR60 headphones sound impressively warm, lively and detailed. For the money, there is nothing quite like them."
- Time magazine / Fred Kaplan Vol.149, Vol.19
"The SR60 is an exceptional value with no peers in its price range."
- Radio World / Bruce Bartlett Vol.20, No.9
"The greatest bargain in all of portable audio-dom are the Grado SR60 headphones. They manifest a terrifically involving, rich sound which can civilize even a cheap portable CD player."
- FI magazine / Andrew Keen Vol.1, No.7
"These 'phones are so good for their price that I wouldn't be surprised if Grado has trouble keeping dealers stocked."
- Stereophile / Barry Willis Vol.17, No.5

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