Pro-Ject 1-Anniversary

Giradiscos manual con capsula OM5E y tapa


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the arm bearings are precision made from hardened stainless steel points centred in sapphires mounted in low resonance rings

• vertical and lateral tracing angle are adjustable

• fine balanced platter with chromium-plated axle turns in a sintered bonze bearing housing

• Teflon bearing thrust plate for extremely low noise bearing

• Motor and drive pulley for the precision ground drivebelt decoupled from plinth via four rubber dampers

1991: Pro-ject Audio launches its first turntable, the P1 - 2011: Pro-ject Audio reintroduces its first turntable.

Exactly as it was in 1991.

The Pro-ject P1 was built at a time when nearly all manufacturers were abandoning turntable production, dismissing it from the hi-fi scene.

Heinz Lichtenegger believed in the superior sound quality of analogue technology. Most turntables, from that time to the present, have been either plastic rubbish or frighteningly expensive “high end” products. Customers still wanted to play their records, but were not ready to spend exorbitant amounts on turntable. Yet for these people, who still played LPs, there was a requirement for a good, basic-quality record deck, rather cheap plastic.

The P1 was exactly the product which fulfilled this need.

A simple design based on good materials, offering great sound and ease-of-use, with a sensationally low price for the levels of performance it provided. - A new all-time hi-fi “star” was born!

In practice, the basic concept of the original P1 is lives on in 2011 in the P1 Xpression.

It is the same turntable, same bearings for the arm and platter, the same motor. Only some of the materials used today are more refined than were available two decades ago.

What product today in modern industry has a 20-year-long ongoing history?

When you compare the original P1 with the P1 Xpression, you won’t say that the sound quality is a another league. It is similar. The new P1 delivers more detail and resolution, while the old P1 represents the analogue sound traits of more smoothness and delicacy.

The P1 anniversary will be produced in a limited edition of only 2000 examples. The price is the same as it was, altered only for inflation and increase in the cost of material during the ensuing 20 years.

Technical data 1-Anniversary
speed 33 & 45 rpm
platter 300mm ca. 2,3Kg
arm lenght 8,6” (218,5mm)
weight 6,7 Kg
cartridge Ortofon OMB5e
power supply external
dimensions 133x415x325mm (HxWxD)
phono cable RCA plug + ground cable

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